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An effective management system has a simple and clear manual

Management Systems – Origination and Development:  
A well-designed management system will not only be compliant with its related Standard, it will be transparent and auditable.  Like most things, if it looks right it probably is right.  This is something that auditors recognise at once – it can make life a lot easier both on a day-to-day basis and when the audit comes around. Authenta can help your company rebuild an existing management system or even develop one from a new beginning.  All of the current standards from ISO, BRC and BSI relating to food and food-related industries (the so-called secondary suppliers) can be the reference source for a compliant system developed with help from Authenta.

HACCP or HARM are readily implimented or developed with help from Authenta

HACCP or HARM - Development and Improvement 
The pitfalls of developing a HACCP plan or HARM-based system are many.  There really is no substitute for experience if a realistic outcome is to be achieved.  HACCP/HARM is a subject that needs a pragmatic and commercially balanced approach.  This is where Authenta can offer a combination of experience and a record of success. Authenta will ensure that your HACCP/HARM plan integrates with an existing management system so as to minimise paperwork and maximise efficiency.  

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